Second and subsequent loans

Did you know that after paying off your first loan in Fast Cash, you can almost immediately apply for another one and receive it in just 1 minute? The second and subsequent loan is not only faster, but also more convenient with us, and also available at a higher amount. It’s not everything! We have interesting promotions and bonuses for our regular customers, so if you want to use our services again, read what we have to offer! an elucidation on


Use a quick loan whenever you need it!

Use a quick loan whenever you need it!

You have probably wondered why online loans are granted very quickly, basically immediately, but they also have a relatively short repayment period? The answer to this question is very simple: these are loans created to meet the very urgent cash needs that we face every day.

Unexpected expenses surprise us even several times a year, so it’s good to have access to a service that in any such situation will save us from oppression and allow us to quickly borrow money.

Thanks to the short repayment terms, online loans can not only be taken out quickly, but also quickly returned, and thus have quicker access to another loan – whenever the unexpected expense surprises us again.


The second and subsequent loan is up to $ 7,000!

The second and subsequent loan is up to $ 7,000!

Fast Cash is known for the high amount of the first loan, but it can be even higher with the next loan. It is enough to repay the first loan on time to apply for the next, even in the maximum amount of $ 7,000. This is a large amount of money that will allow you to achieve various goals and cover a lot of expenses!

To make repayment of this amount not a problem for you, we offer you the option of using a longer repayment period, e.g. in the form of refinancing. This means that you will get up to 2 times longer to collect the amount you need.


You can get another loan in 1 minute!

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Yes it’s true! By having a customer profile on our website and paying back at least one loan, you become a reliable partner that we can trust. Therefore, when you take out a second and subsequent loan, you don’t have to do any formalities, just like with your first loan. This means you can literally borrow money quickly with just a few clicks on your client profile .

Do you need another loan? Log in to the Fast Cash website and indicate the amount you need – you will receive it even within 1 minute straight to your bank account !


Loan by phone or SMS – only for regular customers

Loan by phone or SMS - only for regular customers

Taking a second and subsequent loan at Fast Cash is also available to people who currently do not have internet access. If you already have a customer profile and you have repaid at least one loan, you can simply call or send an SMS. 

Imagine that you are on vacation in the Bieszczady Mountains, where Internet access is different, and suddenly you realize that you will not have enough money until the end of your vacation. For us, this password will mean that we immediately transfer you $ 500, which you will give back to us in 30 days, including commission and interest. Of course, you can enter other numbers in the text, because you can apply for a loan in any amount from 100 to 7000 USD by phone and SMS.

Isn’t that easy?

This option of loan by phone and SMS is available only to regular customers!


Further loans can also be for free – get to know our loyalty program!

Further loans can also be for free - get to know our loyalty program!

Did you like the first free loan on Fast Cash? As our regular customer, you can use this promotion much more often, not only the first time!

All you have to do is remember three things:

  • to regularly take advantage of a loan in the Fast Cash company every 30 days,
  • to use borrowed money for a minimum of 14 days,
  • to always pay back the loan on time.

What will you gain from it? Your loan every 5th will be completely free for you ! Just like the first loan.

Thanks to Quick Cash you can always be prepared for unexpected expenses. As our regular customer in every situation, even without access to the Internet, you will instantly arrange the necessary cash, and regular use of our services will make your loans absolutely free twice a year. Log in to your customer profile now and see what loan amount can be in your account in a moment!